racial discrimination

To defend against Flores' explosive accusation, the NFL hired former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch in connection to the legal matter.

Even 9-time NBA All-Star and slam dunk champion Dominique Wilkins experiences racial profiling.

Sauntore Thomas was hoping to deposit and cash the settlement checks from a racial discrimination lawsuit at a bank ina Detroit suburb when a teller called the cops on him over the legit cash. We’re pretty sure we don’t have to inform you that Mr. Thomas is a Black man.

Actress Afton Williamson, who played the role of Talia Bishop on ABC’s The Rookie, has quit the show amid claims of sexual harassment and assault along with racial discrimination. In an Instagram post, Williamson announced her departure while naming those who carried out the alleged acts.

The pressure was on for Starbucks to do something in response to the incident last week where two Black patrons were asked to leave a Philadelphia location and were promptly arrested by police. With outrage and calls for boycotts high and low, the company will temporarily shut down 8,000 of its stores for racial bias […]

It seems like another case of our dollars being the only thing of value to fashion brands. Old Navy was caught red-handed racially profiling an African-American customer.

A bizarre legal matter has been unfolding since last year after a pair of white cameraman formerly staffed by NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon launched a lawsuit against the network and bandleader Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. The Roots drummer responded to the allegations, with a rep calling them “ridiculous.” 

Fox News is facing a racial discrimination lawsuit by a pair of Black women who worked in administrative positions at the network. Tichaona Brown and  Tabrese Wright worked in the New York offices of Fox and claim that a supervisor frequently made racist remarks in their presence.

Tamron Hall, the longtime NBC journalist and anchor, left the network amid chatter that she and Al Roker were being replaced by white counterparts. The National Association of Black Journalists has accused the network of “whitewashing” after replacing she and Al Roker’s slot with former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Six Black passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight were kicked off a Dallas-bound aircraft Monday night (Nov. 2) after the flight attendant allegedly accused the group of being disruptive. The three couples were escorted off the plane at Los Angeles International Airport and are claiming they were racially discriminated against by the attendant.

Brian Eason, a Black man living in Washington state, has launched a $100,000 racial discrimination lawsuit against a local restaurant. Eason alleges that the Vancouver, Wa. Elmer’s establishment made him prepay for breakfast while white patrons were able to pay after dining.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity’s good name has been effectively dragged through the mud after the revelation of the OU SAE racist chant video. Now it appears that the national SAE is attempting to remove connections to its pro-Confederate past in light of the spectacle that appeared in the viral clip.