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It seems like another case of our dollars being the only thing of value to fashion brands. Old Navy was caught red-handed racially profiling an African-American customer.

On Tuesday, January 30, James Conley III was shopping at a store in West Des Moines in the search for some hooded sweatshirts. While wearing a blue Old Navy bubble jacket he received for Christmas he went to pay for his hoodies.

That’s when an employee informed the young man that he would have to pay for the jacket insinuating he planned to steal the outerwear item and walk out the store while wearing it. Sigh.

Of course, the employee’s assumption was not only completely off base but there were other shoppers who happened to be also wearing Old Navy who were not prompted with the same sunken place request.

The young man told his story to local news station KCCI. “There were customers, Caucasian, in front of me and behind me, who had on Old Navy apparel similar to what I had on, and they didn’t get checked or anything” he explained.

Conley asked the store manager to pull security footage to prove that the jacket was indeed his. When it confirmed no thievery had taken place the representative didn’t express any regret for the faux pas. “I didn’t get any apology from the district manager, the store manager or other employees.”

Conely took to social media to appropriately shame the retail store with video footage of the discriminatory treatment.

Video of the news report below.

Via Raw Story


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