racial profiling

Polo G has been arrested for allegedly attacking a police officer in Miami. However, the rapper's mother claims her son was racially profiled.

Even 9-time NBA All-Star and slam dunk champion Dominique Wilkins experiences racial profiling.

Ahmaud Arbery went for a jog in the town of Brunswick back in February when two white men followed him and later gunned him down over suspicions that he was a suspect in a string of robberies.

An incident that took place over the weekend in Philadelphia highlighted what appears to be an extreme misuse of power by officers who detained a shirtless Black boy for no discernible reason. According to a fellow teen waiting in the same area for a bus, the boy did nothing to warrant the harassment from police, […]

A Black family says they were racially profiled and accused of stealing from a Nike store in Santa Monica, Calif. despite having proof of purchase. A white store manager flagged down cops to confront Joel Stallworth and TaMiya Dickerson and their 18-month-old son over a $12 basketball.

Sephora is pledging to correct a mistake a store employee made at one of its locations after SZA claimed she was racially profiled and accused of stealing. The matter got enough national attention that Sephora will shut down 400 of its stores this Wednesday (June 5) for diversity training.

John Smyly, a former police officer in the city of Boulder, Colo., will not face harsh penalties after he racially profiled, harassed, and threatened a Black man doing a good deed in his community. In a settlement, Smyly lost his gig but still will collect $69,000 in salary and won’t see a blemish on his […]

A white Texas police officer accosted an innocent Black man in front of his home after mistaking the man for a fugitive. Clarence Evans repeatedly told Deputy Garrett Lindley that he had the wrong man and the whole incident was recorded on a smartphone camera.

In yet another episode of Living While Black in America, a Tennessee man had the cops called him for probably the zaniest reason to crop up in these type of events. Davon Eddington was at his Spring Hill home having a friendly basketball debate on the phone and recited Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems” hook which a […]

Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford was traveling home earlier this week to Boston from Indianapolis when a passenger on the flight had a medical issue. Leaping to action, Dr. Stanford was questioned on her credentials by a pair of Delta flight attendants in what appears to be a classic case of alleged racial profiling.

Once again, a white person in America has chosen not to mind their own business and take matters into their pasty hands. A white woman who blocked a Black man from an apartment building in St. Louis has now lost her job on the back of her unnecessary resident management skills.