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An incident that took place over the weekend in Philadelphia highlighted what appears to be an extreme misuse of power by officers who detained a shirtless Black boy for no discernible reason. According to a fellow teen waiting in the same area for a bus, the boy did nothing to warrant the harassment from police, who then allegedly said they wanted the boy to tell his friends he was “shaking” in the back of the squad car.

A Twitter user named @Asiaaaaaaaaaaa_, who says she’s 16 and attended school with the group of fellow students waiting on a city bus, says that the officers pulled up on the boy demanded he entered the back of the squad car. The students there continually let the police know that the boy didn’t commit a crime that warranted the confrontation, and allegedly wanted him to share how scared he was with his friends, all with what the students say was said with a laugh.

In total, around four white police officers surrounded the students after eventually vacating the scene without landing an arrest.

The efforts from @Asiaaaaaaaaaaa_ via Twitter and also her Instagram page (@_a.s.i.a____) has brought light to the incident and she has been relentless in sharing retweets and words of support. At 16, Asia’s poise and unwavering focus on getting the facts straight on behalf of the boy should be admired.

Thus far, the police department, aware that Asia’s coverage is gaining ground, responded to her string of texts to invite her to file a complaint.

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