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Upset handcuffed man imprisoned for financial crime, punished for serious fraud

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A white Texas police officer accosted an innocent Black man in front of his home after mistaking the man for a fugitive. Clarence Evans repeatedly told Deputy Garrett Lindley that he had the wrong man and the whole incident was recorded on a smartphone camera. reports:

The incident happened last week. Clarence Evans shared to his Facebook page video of the incident, which has more than 20,000 shares.

In the video, a Harris County Precinct 4 constable deputy can be seen holding Evans’ arm and telling him there are warrants for his arrest.

“He don’t know my name, and he’s telling me I have a warrant,” Evans is heard telling the person recording the incident.

“He has a warrant,” the constable deputy said. “From Louisiana.”

During the five-minute video, law enforcement asks Evans for identification, but he doesn’t comply.

“Let me see the ID, and we’ll be done,” the constable deputy can be heard asking in the video.

A few minutes later, another deputy arrives and confirms Evans is not the person they are looking for.

Evans has retained the services of civil rights attorney U.A. Lewis as they decide which actions to take next. It appears they want Deputy Lindley to face discipline.

Check out the outlet’s video report below.

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