One of the National Football League’s most high profile wide outs is coming to the west coast. The Los Angeles Rams have signed Odell Beckham Jr. 

An NFL reporter claims the St. Louis Rams made a deal with the league to draft Michael Sam in 2104, to avoid being featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks. According to Howard Balzer, the Rams qualified to be on the show but wanted a slither of “normalcy” while preparing for the season, as signing Sam — […]

Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to controversy. Every word uttered by the pugnacious pill-popper ignites a firestorm that even Beelzebub would want no part of. It is that same polarizing quality that has denied the jolly racially intolerant fat man the distinct privilege of owning an NFL franchise. Caving to public pressure applied by current […]

To say that the potential purchase of the St. Louis Rams by none other than conservative shock jock Rush Limbaugh has whipped the a sizable chunk of the nation into a politically entrenched frenzy would be an understatement for the ages. Quite possibly due to several infamous racial epithets, Limbaugh has been on the “outs” […]

Residing amongst the lower echelon of the NFL’s with of success challenged teams, the St. Louis Rams have been a team in desperate need of positive spotlight. Unfortunately for Rams supporters, fate seems to only be throwing more of the same their way, as more negativity has surfaced to plunge the team into more of […]

Fans of the St. Louis Rams would do well to batten down their hatches as a gust of change is headed their way, and if public opinion still counts for anything, it is more than likely going to be one that most will not like. Admitted racist, bigot, drug-addict, right-wing fringe dweller, and all around […]