Ray J

Ye was spotted dining out at a posh eatery in Los Angeles with entrepreneur and entertainer Ray J and far-right extremist Milo Yiannopoulos on Sunday evening. The gathering raised eyebrows, as Ye has been dealing with backlash from a recent pre-Thanksgiving dinner with former President Donald Trump and white supremacist Nick Fuentes.


Candace Owens is known for bringing people together. Yeah right, but she did manage to reunite Ray J and her new buddy Kanye West at the premiere for her alleged Black Lives Matter documentary.

According to the pornography company that sold the video, the Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape garnered 1.4 million in sales in six weeks.

The Raycon mogul called out Kris Jenner and Kim K after Jenner participated in a polygraph test during an interview on Late Night with James Corden, sharing the results that allegedly refute Ray J's claim that she assisted in the release of the tape.

Billionaire rapper/producer/fashion designer, Kanye West returned to social media this week with lengthy diatribes and screenshots on Instagram. The messages appear to be between him and members of his ex-wife’s family, including possibly his ex-wife—Kim Kardashian. 

Ray J is alleging that he and Kim Kardashian were willing partners in publicizing the infamous sex tape of the two back in 2007 and that Kris Jenner was also part of the deal. In an interview with a British tabloid, the reality show star claims he's speaking up because he's tired of being painted as a villain as the family makes millions from the situation.

Ray J is trying to stand on business but the streets keep pulling him back. He is denying the recent rumors that he gave Kanye unreleased footage of Kim Kardashian. 

The singer and entrepreneur might need to retool his image with many after he made a visit with former President Donald Trump in Florida.


Since Kanye revealed the entire incident on Hollywood Unlocked word has it that Kim Kardashian stopped speaking to him and they communicate through their nanny and bodyguards. Rich people parenting.


After previously filing for the separation back in 2020, the couple attempted to reconcile and save the marriage instead of going through the divorce proceedings.