road rage

Bianca Roberson, a recent high school graduate bound for college this fall, was shot in killed in a senseless road rage shooting in Chester County, Pennsylvania. A suspect, David Desper, turned himself in early Sunday morning (July 2) after a massive manhunt was underway to find Roberson’s killer using surveillance video and tips from eyewitnesses.

What took so long? Ronald Gasser, the man who shot and killed ex-NFL player Joe McKnight in a road rage incident has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. 

Ex-NFL player Joe McKnight was shot and killed during an alleged road rage incident yesterday (Dec. 1). The shooter, a white man, has been released and has not been charged with any crime.

This is just senseless. Joe McKnight, a former NFL player, was shot and killed during a road rage incident in Louisiana. 

Last night (April 9), former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was shot and killed after an altercation due to a traffic accident. Smith’s wife was also wounded in the incident and the shooter is in custody. 

Yep, these guys are going to jail. New footage of Alexian Lien, the driver who sped off when confronted by motorcyclists in NYC a few weeks ago, getting pulled out of his SUV and savagely beaten in front of his wife and child has been revealed. 

A New Jersey cop faces second-degree murder and manslaughter for allegedly shooting another man in a fit of road rage. The shooting happened on a Maryland highway Saturday (June 8) evening, as the suspect drove with his children and wife in the car.