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Yep, these guys are going to jail. New footage of Alexian Lien, the driver who sped off when confronted by motorcyclists in NYC a few weeks ago, getting pulled out of his SUV and savagely beaten in front of his wife and child has been revealed.  Eyewitness News 7 in New York obtained the footage.

The assault lasts about 20 seconds and shows shows bikers gathered around Alexian Lien, stomping on him and beating him. Sources tell Eyewitness News that 40-year-old Jason Brown is the man seen beating Lien with his helmet, hitting him so hard the visor broke. Brown is the ninth biker charged in the case. Prosecutors believe most of those arresed can be seen on the new video.

A biker in a blue shirt who approaches the SUV is believed to be Clint Caldwell, while the man who bashes the rear window of the Range Rover at the end of the original clip is thought to be undercover narcotics detective Woljiciech Braszczok.

Police believe the biker with the number 13 on his back, seen kicking Lien, is Craig Wright, while a biker holding holding his helmet with both hands striking Lien is believed to be James Kuehne. Finally, the man with the black and silver jacket is believed to be Kaliq Douglas, who was arrested on Friday. When the attack ends, Lien can be seen left lying motionless in the middle of the street.

As previously reported, on September 29, Lien allegedly bumped a motorcyclist while driving on the Henry Hudson Parkway. After initially stopping, Lien sped off as he was surrounded by dozens of motorbikes, running over a man named Edwin Mieses.

The caravan of motorbikes gave chase, eventually pulling Lien out of his Range Rover in Washington Heights, where the beating occurred.

So far, nine men, including a few undercover police officers, have been charged with various forms of assault. Watch the new footage on the flip.

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