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Yep, these guys are going to jail. New footage of Alexian Lien, the driver who sped off when confronted by motorcyclists in NYC a few weeks ago, getting pulled out of his SUV and savagely beaten in front of his wife and child has been revealed. 


Details in the motorcycle mob beating case of Alexian Lien two weeks ago have been emerging based on an ongoing investigation by the New York Police Department. After earlier reports that as many as six police officers were present in the biker group, a third NYPD officer has been publicly named as one of the […]


There have been more arrests in the case of the SUV driver who was chased up the Henry Hudson Parkway in NYC by motorcyclists before getting beatdown in Washington Heights in front of his family. One of the men arrested yesterday was an undercover NYPD officer.

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Even more details are emerging about the fleet of motorcyclists that attacked a man, his wife and 2-year-old in his Range Rover in New York City last week. Reportedly as many as six of the bikers that witnessed and chased the SUV were cops while a total of three men have been charged, so far. 


The case of the biker mob attack in New York over the weekend involving Alexian Lien has taken a dark turn. As reported yesterday (Oct. 1), Lien ran over a motorcyclist in an apparent state of panic, which left the rider severely injured and startling images have begun to emerge.