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The case of the biker mob attack in New York over the weekend involving Alexian Lien has taken a dark turn. As reported yesterday (Oct. 1), Lien ran over a motorcyclist in an apparent state of panic, which left the rider severely injured and startling images have begun to emerge.

The New York Daily News has updated the quickly developing story with photos of Jeremiah Edwin Mieses, who is reportedly paralyzed according to accounts from his family. Video of Lien running over the legs of Mieses with his Range Rover truck were released yesterday, and the new photos reveal the extent of the damage.

Thus far, Lien has avoided criminal charges but two men, Christopher Cruz, 28, and Allen Edwards, 42, are awaiting further charges. This news has upset the Mieses family, who feel Lien should face some consequences for his actions.

Lien was not charged, angering relatives of biker Edwin Mieses, 32, of Lawrence, Mass., who had both legs broken when Lien ran him over trying escape the pack.

“You have to look at the totality of the circumstances and that’s what we’re doing,” said NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, noting that Lien fled the attacking bikers in fear for his and his family’s safety.

Mieses is currently being treated at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital and is in a medically-induced coma. Mieses mother and wife both gave comments to the Daily News, echoing a similar sentiment. “They’re making the riders out to be bad people. They’re not,” said Mieses’ mother, Yolanda Santiago. His wife, Dayanna Mieses added, “This man needs to know he hurt someone,” she said, referencing Lien.

Mieses also moonlights as a rapper under the moniker Jay Meezee, and a Facebook page titled “Justice For Jay Meeze” has been launched featuring the hospital images.

Check the following pages to see the images of Mieses. A warning: the photos are potentially disturbing.

Photos: New York Daily News

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