It looks like Jay Z switched from a driver and a luxury whip and to a motorcycle with Beyoncé riding on the back, while wearing what looks like a wedding dress, in a recent photo. The currently uncredited photo appears to be from a video shoot, but exactly what visual is currently all speculation. 

Black Bike Week is one of the top vacation draws of the year, attracting thousands of motorcycle riders and bystanders every Memorial Day Weekend to Myrtle Beach, S.C. A new documentary that focuses on the happenings gets an endorsement of sorts from the official Black Bike Week website, showcasing a positive side to the popular […]

The case of the biker mob attack in New York over the weekend involving Alexian Lien has taken a dark turn. As reported yesterday (Oct. 1), Lien ran over a motorcyclist in an apparent state of panic, which left the rider severely injured and startling images have begun to emerge.

Katt Williams is in trouble with the law again. After he was arrested on November 14th after an alleged nightclub fight in Oakland, Calif., Katt led police officers on a bizarre chase.