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Black Bike Week is one of the top vacation draws of the year, attracting thousands of motorcycle riders and bystanders every Memorial Day Weekend to Myrtle Beach, S.C. A new documentary that focuses on the happenings gets an endorsement of sorts from the official Black Bike Week website, showcasing a positive side to the popular event.

Director Sean Dunne’s take on Black Bike Week is a refreshing look, with other past attempts to capture the feel of the weekend often more critical than not. Dunne instead focuses on the social aspects of the event, with motorcycle enthusiasts simply looking to connect with other bike fans in a relaxed setting.

“Finally a documentary that shows the true colors for Black Bike Week. Other fake ass documentary try to paint the event out in a bad light to get publicity, this video shows the truth,” read a brief description on the event’s website. “Great Video, Great Interview, and great editing. One of the best video’s of Black Bike Week ever!”

Dunne spoke with several revelers, who all echoed similar sentiments of Black Bike Week as a place to unwind and not some gathering of folks searching for trouble.

“We all wear different colors, we’re all from different states [and] different areas of the county,” said one man. “But when it comes to this, we all got a conversation piece. We all got a story to tell.”

To watch Sean Dunne tell his story in visual form about Black Bike Week, hit the jump.

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