The story behind the recent attack on Dave Chappelle continues to get weirder. The culprit previously wrote a song about the comedian and the bars were mired in struggle.

The streets of Brooklyn just got a little bit safer. A man who is accused of assaulting women is off the streets.

R. Kelly’s legal issues continue to mount with no foreseeable end in sight. Rumors about him catching the beats are true.

'Empire' producer 20th Century Fox also chimed in to set the record straight.

The case of the biker mob attack in New York over the weekend involving Alexian Lien has taken a dark turn. As reported yesterday (Oct. 1), Lien ran over a motorcyclist in an apparent state of panic, which left the rider severely injured and startling images have begun to emerge.

Webbie has found support in the most unlikely of places. The Louisiana rapper was arrested for battery after he pushed a woman down a flight of stairs and then took $340 out of her purse. Maintaining his innocence since the beginning, the 27-year-old was taken into custody, then released on bond, and now the victim’s lawyer is […]