Being a new father is not stopping Diddy from being there for the rest. He gave his twin daughters matching range rovers for their birthday. 


One of the most classic car silhouettes is aging like fine wine. The Range Rover is turning 50 and you too can join in on the festivities.

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Lil Wayne’s eldest daughter, Reginae Carter is the epitome of rap royalty. Last year for her sweet sixteenth birthday, her famous parents bought her not one but two luxury automobiles to stunt on her high school peers.

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The automotive industry owes more to Hip-Hop than it probably realizes, especially with all the free publicity rappers have given out over the years. Similar to jewelry, girls, houses, alcohol, and even molly (for a little while), spitting on your car game is an easy way to fill up lyrical space and gloat about your […]


The case of the biker mob attack in New York over the weekend involving Alexian Lien has taken a dark turn. As reported yesterday (Oct. 1), Lien ran over a motorcyclist in an apparent state of panic, which left the rider severely injured and startling images have begun to emerge.


A rapper has been named among those killed during a Las Vegas shootout that resulted in several car crashes, yesterday morning. Kenny Cherry Jr. of the Bay Area was one of the casualties.

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Tyga caught a bad one yesterday courtesy of the all seeing all knowing eyes of TMZ. 

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This is something that Tyga probably thought nobody would ever see, but low and behold here it is. 

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It’s only Monday, but Meek Mill is having a pretty solid week. The Philly rapper nearly crashed DatPiff with the release of his long-awaited Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, and to celebrate his 25th birthday Ross gifted the young MC with a new Range Rover.


A Range Rover completely wrapped in Louis Vuitton logos was spotted in the UK, and it’s not even owned by a rapper (we hope). The Daily Mail reports that the customized Range was spotted on a street in Westbourne, Bournemouth. The SUV is actually an Overfinch Range Rover. Overfinch is a British company that specializes […]