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Tyga caught a bad one yesterday courtesy of the all seeing all knowing eyes of TMZ. 

A video of a then 14-year-old T-Raww sprung up on the website of the rapper on a shelved MTV show called Busta$. The show featured wannabe rappers partaking in stereotypical rapper challenges including “Guess The Grill,” “Spin the spinners” and a slew of terribly gimmicky challenges.

The show also featured young Tyga gloating about not having it rough growing up and that his parents had two Range Rovers. He also maintained his gangsta-ness by saying “just cause he’s from the Valley doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen an alley.” Rah!

But don’t get it twisted, son. Tyga’s had his share of extra gangsta moments. Those who dare test him will get checked. Think we are bs’ing? Check out ten  (that we searched long and hard for) of T-Raw’s most thuggiest moments.

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