Rudy Eugene

Remember when bath salts were a thing and everybody kept using them, then eating other people’s faces…and dogs? Well it’s been a nearly a full year since the inaugural face-eating incident went down in Miami, and the victim’s new look has been revealed.   

Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who had portions of his face eaten by Rudy Eugene, opened up about the puzzling attack. In a July police interview obtained by Miami’s CBS4 Wednesday (Aug. 8), Poppo recounted the day that Eugene attacked him, revealing that the 31-year-old was speaking strangely. “He must have been souped up on something,” […]

The South is still being plagued by the zombie apocalypse, but the latest case only involves an attempted attack. Karl Laventure, began to display erratic behavior at a golf course in Alpharetta, Ga. earlier this week, prompting patrons to call police. Laventure chose his 21st birthday to head to the course, strip half-naked, threaten guests, […]

The year of the zombie can no longer be blamed on bath salts. Lab tests from Rudy Eugene— the man killed by police after he ate a homeless man’s face— found no traces of bath salts in his system.  According to a medical report released Wednesday (June 27) only traces of marijuana were found in Eugene’s system, putting […]

The year of the zombie is far from over. After a brief hiatus from the news circuit, another story of cannibalism has emerged. 26-year-old Charles Baker of Palmetto, Fl. faces criminal charges, stemming  from a drug-induced flesh-eating incident, Wednesday (June 20) night. His story runs eerily similar to that of another Florida resident who was killed […]

As a Morgan State University student sits in jail for eating his roommate’s internal organs, the significant other of his “zombie brethren” is speaking out. The girlfriend of Rudy Eugene—the Miami man killed by police for eating another man’s face— said that his embarrassing downward spiral was the result of “battling the devil.”