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Remember when bath salts were a thing and everybody kept using them, then eating other people’s faces…and dogs? Well it’s been a nearly a full year since the inaugural face-eating incident went down in Miami, and the victim’s new look has been revealed.   

Ronald Poppo was attacked by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene who was eventually killed by police (because he wouldn’t stop chomping on Poppo’s face).  A year later the formerly homeless 65-year-old remains permanently blinded and, although physically dismembered, isn’t interested in more reconstructive surgery.

He’s also learning to play guitar.

Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center posted a video of Poppo on YouTube strumming his instrument from the safe confines of a hospital bed. Despite the encounter, the senior citizen—who now resides in a permanent care facility—is “living happily” and  “adjusting to his new life.”

Eugene was reported to be high on the synthetic drug when he feasted on human flesh, but an autopsy report found no traces of bath salts in his system.

See  Poppo’s performance, and photos, below.

Photos: YouTube/Facebook/WPTV

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