The College Board officially released the curriculum for their AP African American Studies course on Wednesday. The release was met with backlash as many noted that contemporary topics such as intersectionality, Black feminist & queer studies, and reparations were obscured and omitted from the framework. Academics felt the move was made in response to conservative politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis claiming the College Board had a "political agenda."


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration have rejected the AP African-American Studies Course for students in the state. The decision, which has angered many academics and Democratic lawmakers, reportedly came as officials declared the course "lacks educational value".

Malachi Love-Robinson, the fake teen doctor from Florida, has been sentenced for stealing more than $10,000 from his employer.

On Tuesday night, 25-year-old Maxwell Frost won the race to be the representative for Florida's 10th Congressional District. The win for the progressive activist makes him the first from Generation Z to be elected to Congress, as well as the first of Afro-Cuban ethnicity to serve.


A 23-year-old woman was arrested outside of Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday for the alleged drugging and robbing of a man in Florida. Cloe Reynicke was detained after being arrested for driving with a suspended license. Reynicke is accused of drugging and robbing her victim of over $50,000 worth of personal items after meeting him at a bar in Fort Lauderdale.

Kodak Black wants what is his. He is demanding that police return his vehicle and cash seized in a recent arrest in Florida.

Rollie Bands, a rapper out of Tampa, Florida, was shot and killed after posting a message on Instagram towards his enemies.

Trick Daddy blasted Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis during a podcast interview on Tuesday, calling him a "White bigot" over his policies which include signing legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community and severe restrictions on abortion.


After it was all said and done authorities made 42 stops, handed out 50 warnings, and wrote eight citations for Boating Under the Influence before making a few arrests. You'd think everyone fighting would've been arrested but again, Florida gonna Florida. 

The St. Petersburg rapper was arrested at a traffic stop this past weekend after a warrant went out.

Gabrielle Union stars in Disney’s remake of Cheaper by the Dozen, which is set to premiere on Disney + next week. But Union’s union with Disney did not stop her from calling out the entertainment giant for its complete failure to read the room in its response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which made […]

U.S. Marshals arrested the 19-year-old Jacksonville artist, who was found resting inside a hotel room with an AK-47 by his side.