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Joseline's Cabaret

Joseline Hernandez knows a thing or two about drama as fans have seen since her years on the Love & Hip Hop franchise and her reality series, Joseline’s Cabaret. The “Puerto Rican Princess” is back in headlines again after reports that she and former Joseline’s Cabaret star Big Lex were involved in a backstage altercation after Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III’s fight, which erupted into a brawl as well.

Joseline Hernandez, 36, was captured on camera phone video walking backstage at the FLA Live Arena over the weekend. After the Mayweather-Gotti fight erupted into a brawl when the grandson of the famed Italian mobster was disqualified in the 6th round and continued to try and hit the former champion. This came after it was waved off by the referee. Mayweather’s team came to stop Gotti’s advances, which was largely ineffective, and things got heated naturally.

What sparked Hernandez to dish out the taper and fade on Big Lex has plenty of moving parts, and it took a group of people to separate the two but not before Big Lex was pulled out of her top. Big Lex was largely bested by Hernandez, and another man, reportedly Hernandez’s husband, was involved in the fracas. Even after they were split, Hernandez continued swinging at anyone in the vicinity and eventually had a drink flung at her which only egged the situation on further.

Fans on Twitter, which is where we gathered much of this information thus far, shared clips of Big Lex in previous times having some choice words for Hernandez. Big Lex also reportedly dissed the Zeus Network and anyone affiliated with the outfit.

In a new TMZ report, it revealed that Hernandez was arrested and booked on four charges.

On Twitter, folks have plenty to say about Joseline Hernandez putting the beats on Big Lex and anyone else who wanted. We’ve got those reactions below.

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