Erykah Badu was performing earlier this week when a fight broke out in the stands, which got a response from Twitter and Badu as well.

The North Carolina rapper was seen on video trying to deliver the fist fade to Wisdom, an artist signed to his imprint.

A video making its rounds on social media of a vicious fight between two young women has "Take The L" trending for all the right and wrong reasons.

One of reality television’s prettiest faces got into a very ugly situation. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood talent Tricia Ana got into a fight that resulted in her face being cut and her jewelry missing.

The Charlotte, N.C. rapper apparently caught up with Bills and his crew jumped the man inside a bowling alley but it doesn't look like the fade was properly delivered despite the lopsided numbers.

Sometimes it pays to do the very least. One Subway restaurant employee says she was put on unpaid leave for fending off a would be robbery attempt.

The singer and songwriter got arrested at the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills game after he claims a cop allegedly attacked him with Songz fighting the officer before he was detained.

A burger run quickly turned into a volatile situation for Wack 100. The music executive came to blows with a pair of guys who were supposedly talking spicy to him. racially.

The East Coast chain is trending on Twitter right now after a video of a man catching a bad one to the point he came out his pants and folks are feeling their feelings right now

During her recent interview with longtime friend, Vivica Fox, for her podcast Hustling with Vivica Fox, McCoy revealed new details about the verbal spat she had with her former co-star Stacey Dash on the set of the VH1 show, Single Ladies.

Covid-19 is still a very real thing but some folks refuse to cooperate. One person found out the hard way that they need to keep move mouth and nose covered.

The northwest Atlanta shopping destination is getting roasted on Twitter at the moment with many observing this is the result of Georgia reopening far too soon.