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The logo that The Notorious B.I.G. made famous is still in high demand. Chaos erupted at a Versace sample sale in New York City.

As reported by Gothamist the brand that Gianni built recently attempted to host a pop up shop where consumers could buy sample pieces. On Wednesday, March 27 hundreds of individuals lined up early at 125 West 18th Street hoping to score designer at a discount. Unfortunately the overwhelming demand took the staff by surprise and bedlam ensued upon the doors opening to the public.

The crowds pushed their way in causing a bottlenecking at the entry. Video taken on site shows that tensions were already high at that point with some individuals yelling and shoving others out the way in an effort to squeeze in. Eventually a fight broke out prompting the store staff to call NYPD for assistance. Upon arriving at the scene the local badges temporarily shut down the event in an effort to control the crowds. The Strategic Response Group can be seen ordering everyone off the block.

One woman took to TikTok saying “It’s ghetto here. It’s ghetto. It got shut down. They even broke the glass of one of the doors” she said. “They’ve been fighting each other, some girl had to leave out in the ambulance because she got trampled.” Another man gave further details on the origins of the commotion. “People ran to the front and then they stayed at the front, and then the people in the second batch argued about it and then total chaos ensued” he added.

The sample sale was scheduled to run until Saturday, March 30 but has since been cancelled. Versace has yet to comment on the matter. You can watch footage of mayhem below.