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Here at Hip-Hop Wired, we’re not keen to show violent videos of fights but today we’re making a slight exception. A  video making its rounds on social media of a vicious fight between two young women has “Take The L” trending for all the right and wrong reasons.

On April 10, @@BarbieTheeStar shared an older video from the @JustGirlFight Twitter account, which hosts a bunch of street fades of all sorts. In this particular clash, a young Black woman in a green top and Black pants squared up with another shorter young woman wearing all Black. It was clear that the taller woman knew how to throw down, literally and otherwise.

The shorter young lady had no chance and the fight was all but done after she was kicked in the face by the taller opponent. After suffering a one-sided fade with little to no defense and scant offense, the shorter woman was stopped by a young man who told her to “Take The L’ thus we have today’s latest trending topic.

Because folks don’t know how to stay out of certain types of business, folks are using the Take The L trend to dunk on President Joe Biden or make up some other oddball connection that has nothing to do with the young women delivering fisticuffs to one another.

In all seriousness, fight videos are a little tough to watch and by no means are trying to highlight violence. In advance of us sharing the video and the reactions, we do wish to warn viewers that the images within might be disturbing to some.

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This was corny.