Dr. Umar Johnson was seen on a video talking to a white woman inside a mall that has since gone viral. Johnson commented on the clip.

A video making its rounds on social media of a vicious fight between two young women has "Take The L" trending for all the right and wrong reasons.

The latest challenge that'll definitely baffle the old heads is the #tooloudchallenge, which features ladies making it clap and we shouldn't have to explain further than that.

Ceasare Willis, better known as Krump originator Tight Eyez, is getting talked up on social media for his intense dance moves after showing off some illustrious bottles of Hennessy.

It is clear the Delta Variant has changed a lot of people’s fall plans. Thus is it no surprise the new milk crate challenge is hottest thing since the “In My Feelings” dance.

The manager, ignoring the white woman's ranting and raving, casually asked the woman to leave but not before she was called a "monkey" in the process.

Showing that she's her own woman, Chloe has been showing off and showing out on the 'Gram and Tik Tok with most people saluting her expression but the hate brigade is never too far away with their bad takes.

aking to Twitter, Spitta has sparked the rage of the Internets by commenting on the recent social media challenges, although it could be assumed the New Orleans rapper was just having a bit of a joke.

The #SilhouetteChallenge appears to be moving up on the leader board as the sultry social media dance craze is currently the hottest thing going online now.

Rapper Erica Banks joined in on the challenge hijinks as did Monica and several others.

As we approach the end of the 2010s, Hip-Hop Wired is taking a look back at some of the top viral moments of the decade. As with all lists, this is based on our personal observations and experience with the moments so we’re sure to miss some of your favorites in the mix.

A man suspected of being a white supremacist learned a valuable lesson in minding one’s own business, this after a viral video showed him bloodied in the face after tossing a bottle at a truck. To add insult to injury, the man was forced to clean the truck he flung the bottle towards.