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Madonna: The Celebration Tour - London

Madonna kicked off her music career in the early 1980s and she has remained a fixture on the charts and touring circuit well into the 21st Century. However, a new video featuring the “Queen of Pop” has X users both slamming her for being a woman of a certain age with others praising her for doing so at this stage of life.

Madonna, 65, is currently on her North American The Celebration Tour, which honors her four-decade career in music. From what has been reported, the singer and actress has been wowing crowds with her hits and performances, but a clip posted by an X user has taken hold on the social media network.

An X user named @JebraFaushay clipped a TikTok video from the @madonnalivepop408 account of the singer performing “Ray Of Light” in a silver suit while holding a bar. While the clip makes it seem like Madonna is using the bar to support herself, it appears to be a safety precaution as another video shows the “Like A Virgin” star performing on an elevated and mobile pedestal.

As the ageist comments rolled on in droves on both TikTok and X, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D was among the many to defend Madonna for having the moves and energy to rock a crowd at her age while mentioning her use of pilates to stay in shape.

“At 63 i know i can bike better than i ever did and Pilates aint easy but i give it to @Madonna for pushing the bars … @FlavorFlav is taking Pilates too and hes 64. So ageism sometimes gets like racism both ways if you let it. For anyone over 50 the rule is either you do the songs or the songs do you. @Madonna has some hard songs to perform in her catalogue,” Chuck D wrote.

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Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty