Madonna has publicly called out Tory Lanez for illegally sampling one of her iconic ‘80’s hits, “Into The Groove” for one of his new singles. The entertainer made the allegation in a comment underneath a post on Lanez’s Instagram page.

50 Cent’s newest celebrity beef is probably the last person he would expect. Madonna has clapped back at him for a lack of sincerity.

50 Cent is always good for a funny troll but one of his peers is calling foul. Royce Da 5’9” has called him out for apologizing to Madonna but not Lil Kim. 


Aside from the illuminati obviously forcing this apology, 50 doesn't seem to believe in ending sentences with periods.

Madonna seems to have developed a plumper booty. However, despite butt enhancement rumors, the Material Girl swears it’s all hers. 

We’re not sure what in the hell Madge was thinking when she decided to tell THAT story during a tribute meant for the late Queen of Soul.

Under no uncertain terms is Madonna close to the singer that the late, great Aretha Franklin was, so it puzzled viewers of last night’s 2018 MTV Video Music Awards when the pop star made it about herself. In the end, Madonna played herself and ruined a moment that should have solely been about the Queen […]

At the age of 46, Snoop Dogg is still much a relevant figure that has used Hip-Hop to propel himself to a pop culture status very few would believe over the course of his two decades and going career. Sitting down with radio icon Howard Stern, the Doggfather regaled listeners with a tale where the […]


Madonna’s secret relationship with Tupac Shakur was the stuff of legends back in the 90’s.  While there’s little to no evidence of their love affair, there is a break-up letter that Tupac wrote to Madge that’s about to hit the auction block despite efforts from Madonna to keep that from happening.

In recent court documents, Madonna shares details about a jail letter she received from 2Pac that she called "intensely personal."

Madonna got in her legal bag and filed an order to block the auction sale of the jailhouse letter sent to her by 2Pac, along with some other personal items. The singer claims that the items were stolen from her care by a former friend, adding that she lost track of the goods.

Madonna threw some shade right back at BET for the tweet they sent out after her Billboard Awards Prince tribute.