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2018 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

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We’re not sure what in the hell Madge was thinking when she decided to tell THAT story during a tribute meant for the late Queen of Soul.


2. Astrology shade is the best shade.


4. Sure they’re having a laugh now.

5. On starchy white bread at that.

6. Madge’s outfit should have gotten more slander.

7. Pretty much.


9. Madonna done interrupted Arsenio’s retirement and got him to tweeting.

10. In the words of the great Fat Joe, “Thank God For That Whiiiitttteee!”

11. It’s gonna take time for Madonna to recover.

12. Sometimes you don’t need to give OGs the mic.

13. Madonna out here looking like Rachel Dolezal lite.

14. Seriously, they couldn’t have asked a Black woman artist to do this?

15. Fax.

16. Twitter went for the jugular.

17. Ouch!