saggy pants

Alabama politician Frank Goodman is a strong man of faith apparently, and he says that it is God’s will that is motivating his fight against the plague of saggy pants. Of all the ills that the Supreme Being could smite at will, Mr. Goodman will serve as the saggy pants archangel on Earth if he […]

In Louisiana’s Terrebonne Parish, anyone caught wearing saggy pants that expose their undergarments will be fined. Last week, the Parish Council voted 8-1 on an ordinance that effectively bans young people from wearing their pants below the waist and, in certain cases, exposing too much skin.

Residents in Cocoa, Fla. are going to have to pull their pants up. Council members in the Central Florida city voted Tuesday (Oct. 24) to ban people from wearing sagging pants in the city. 

A Bronx judge has decided against summons issued to a man for wearing saggy pants. Julio Martinez, was given his summons for disorderly conduct on April 20 of last year because his pants were down below hit buttocks, and exposed his underwear. The summons also added that the saggy pants had potential to expose a […]