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Alabama politician Frank Goodman is a strong man of faith apparently, and he says that it is God’s will that is motivating his fight against the plague of saggy pants. Of all the ills that the Supreme Being could smite at will, Mr. Goodman will serve as the saggy pants archangel on Earth if he has anything to do with it.

The Daily Beast sat down with the 66-year-old Goodman, the City Councilor for the town for Dadeville. Although Goodman says his direct line with God gave him the idea to pursue the saggy pants ban some years ago, the elected official is set to reintroduce legislation to put the ban into effect.

From the Daily Beast:

Dadeville city councilor Frank Goodman told The Daily Beast that he issued an ordinance to prohibit “busting slack” after asking God how to handle the sartorial scourge ravaging his town of 3,200. The law might also banish short shorts and skimpy dresses, following a suggestion from a city councilwoman.

“We have a lot of older people here who don’t want to see it. A lot of middle-aged people don’t want to see it either,” said Goodman, 66. “They don’t want to see anybody walking around with their pants down with underwear that is showing.

“That is something that has never struck my fancy,” he added.

Goodman said he first proposed banning saggy pants when he took office in 2008, but the legislation fell by the wayside. Still, he couldn’t take the low-riding trousers any longer. Every time he goes to the grocery store or department store, he sees it.

“Seeing the young boys with pants hanging down, having to walk wide-legged, holding their pants up to keep them from falling down—now it’s gotten real bad,” Goodman said. “It’s something I couldn’t take no more.”

Goodman says he prayed long and hard, saying he knew God wouldn’t be getting his sag on in the streets. But to make matters even more dicey, a fellow councilmember, Stephanie Kelley, suggested beefing up the legislation to ban shorts and skimpy skirts.

Since Dadeville is an apparent chamber of Hell, it appears that Goodman and Kelley are going to smoke out the heathens by overheating them. Just how God wants it. And although we’re cracking jokes here, states like Louisiana and Florida have ordinances in place for the wearing of saggy pants.

God Bless America.

Photo: Tom Evil/Wikipedia Commons/CCA-2.0