same sex marriage

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill  into law Tuesday that will have a major impact on the LGBT community in the state. House Bill 1523 would allow businesses to ban service to same-sex couples from entering their establishments and the language in the law spreads an even further divisive tone.

Yoruba Richen has taken on what would be an ambitious task for any filmmaker by turning her lens on examining the presence of homophobia in the Black community and marriage equality. Her latest documentary, The New Black, opened Wednesday (February 12) at the Film Forum in New York, and she spoke at length about what […]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis both delighted and stunned Hip-Hop fans with a performance of their hit “Same Love” at the 2014 Grammy Awards, which featured the nuptials of over 30 straight and gay couples. The song has become known as a pro-gay anthem, and Christian Hip-Hop rapper Bizzle offers a controversial response over the duo’s […]

If you’ve ever questioned the controversial homos-xual verses in the Good Book, look no further for answers because the Queen James Bible has been released. The publication, a gay adaptation of the King James version, is being publicized as the first gay bible.

Members of the LGBT community in Washington, D.C. are ecstatic now that the nation’s capital has begun its first round of licensing and officiating for same-sex marriage. As previously reported gay marriage was made legal in the capital in December but did not become official until this week after undergoing congressional review. Now that the […]

On Wednesday, Massachusetts sued the U.S. government and challenged the moral rights of a federal law that defined marriage as just being a bond between a man and a woman. On May 17, 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage. It will also be the first state to step up and challenge […]