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Members of the LGBT community in Washington, D.C. are ecstatic now that the nation’s capital has begun its first round of licensing and officiating for same-sex marriage.

As previously reported gay marriage was made legal in the capital in December but did not become official until this week after undergoing congressional review.

Now that the law has been taken into effect, an array of happy couples crowded outside of courthouses for their chance to be wed.

D.C. is the sixth jurisdiction to allow same-sex marriage; it’s joined in the equal rights campaign by Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Now with the legalization of gay marriage, there will be a few slight changes for weddings.

Instead asking for the name of the “bride” and “groom” on license applications, they now simply ask for the name of “spouse” and “spouse” and after the couples are wed, officiators now will say,

“I now pronounce you legally married.”

Yeah for equal rights!

Congratulations to the happy new couples!