When Scarface talks; the Hip-Hop community listens. During a recent interview he says his Nas was originally dissing Jay-Z on “In Between Us”.

The Houston legend put out a tweet this week asking for a kidney donor, which has been shared widely.

  One of the most celebrated films of any genre is about to brought back to life. If the hearsay is correct we could possibly get a melanin version of one the most iconic gangsters in cinema history.

It seems one of the greatest cinematic efforts in history is about to get a modern update. The legend of Tony Montana will live on once again.

The Hip-Hop community continues to feel the impact behind the current health crisis. Scarface had a near death experience due to the infection.

The Coronavirus is starting to affect rappers, particularly in Texas. Today (March 26), Houston rap legend Scarface revealed that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Scarface is known for putting Houston on the map in Hip-Hop and now the veteran rapper wants to put on for his city in politics.

For over three decades, Brad “Scarface” Jordan wowed Hip-Hop fans as a member of the Geto Boys and his own stellar solo musical career, but those days are apparently behind him. Jordan is pushing for a city council seat in his hometown of Houston, and essentially said he’s done with making music.

Scarface is looking to represent his community, politically. The Hip-Hop legend and Geto Boys rapper has officially announced that he is running for Houston City Council.

Earlier this month, fans of the Geto Boys were stunned by the announcement that group member Bushwick Bill was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As a result, the veteran Texas group will hit the round one last time with select stops across the nation.

Scarface is getting sued by the Texas Attorney General. Allegedly, the Houston rap legend has not been paying a monthly $148 child support bill. 

Another day, another All Eyez On Me criticism. Now, one of Tupac’s friends, legendary rapper Scarface, is questioning the authenticity of the movie.