What in the hell is a Selfie Brush and why would anyone need one? Well, if you’re that f*cking vain and need to tousle your hair right before you snap away, then the newly invented iPhone case with back bristles and side mirror is just what you Mean Girls ordered.

One minute after Courtney Ann Sanford posted the following update on Facebook: “The happy song makes me HAPPY,” she was dead. Sanford, 32, was on her way to work and was tragically killed in a car accident in High Point, N.C. Thursday morning (April 24).

The fun and games involving President Obama and selfies may come to a cease now that David Ortiz slyly used his endorsement deal with Samsung to get a viral advertisement in.

The NYPD nabbed a pair of teen robbers Wednesday in the Fort Greene Park section of Brooklyn after they used a phone they stole from a man to take a selfie pic. Cops also suspect that the two have been responsible for a series of muggings in the area, and they now face several counts […]