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The fun and games involving President Obama and selfies may come to a cease now that David Ortiz slyly used his endorsement deal with Samsung to get a viral advertisement in.

Big Papi and the rest of the Boston Red Sox were visiting The White House to celebrate their 2013 World Series win over the St. Louis Cardinals on April 1 when his seemingly impromptu, well-lit picture with the president exploded across the Internet.

But there was more than met the naked eye with the picture.

Reports NYDailyNews:

The seemingly candid photograph Boston Red Sox slugger Ortiz took last Tuesday of himself with President Obama might have been the last ever presidential selfie, a top White House aide said Sunday.

Ortiz took the selfie with Obama Tuesday during the team’s visit to the White House. The pic appeared spontaneous, but then it was revealed Big Papi has a deal with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone to perform public relations stunts like the Obama photo-op.

“Maybe this will be the end of all selfies,” White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer said about the incident Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “(Obama) obviously didn’t know anything about Samsung’s connection to this.”

“Someone who uses the President’s likeness to promote a product… that’s a problem with the White House,” Pfeiffer added. “We’ve had conversations with Samsung about this and have expressed our concerns.”

The picture became an advertisement when Ortiz posted the pic to his 640K Twitter followers only for it to be retweeted by Samsung’s official account which hosts more than 5 million onlookers. Samsung revealed that Ortiz was a walking, picture-snapping endorser of theirs whose sole purpose was to attract attention with his photo opportunities. He’s currently on Twitter cheesing in pics as he holds coffee from local chain Dunkin Boston.

It’s most likely President Obama won’t see it as a big deal but it does harken an embarrassing reminder of his ill-timed selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral service.

Meanwhile, Ortiz is chasing after another world title and was just awarded his championship and MVP rings.

Check out the incriminating selfie and his new trophy hardware in the gallery.

Photo: Twitter/David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox, Dunkin Boston

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