Republican politicians and lawmakers are seeking to censure Representative Ilhan Omar over a speech she made to Somali constituents that went viral, appearing to portray her as "treasonous" in initial translation.


On Saturday (Oct. 14), a truck bomb exploded in Mogadishu, the capital of the African nation of Somalia.


After reports of billowing smoke appearing from the upscale shopping mall where Al-Shabaab Islamist extremists have killed and held hostages in a brazen attack, Kenyan forces are reportedly closing in. At the moment, the terrorist group and the security team are embroiled in an intense gunfight.


Eleven Somali men accused of being pirates and attacking U.S. ships have been indicted in federal court. The men appeared in a Virginia courtroom Friday to face a judge for allegedly attacking U.S. navy ships off the coast of Africa. Several of the men appeared in court injured, one in a wheelchair and missing a […]


The recently elected president of Somalia, Sheik Sharif Ahmed, announced in a press conference at the U.S. Embassy in Kenya that he plans to take a tour U.S. communities with large Somali populations. The communities in Minneapolis, Washington D.C. and Columbus, Ohio. According to the Associated Press, the United Nations ambassador Elmi Duale said the […]