Eleven Somali men accused of being pirates and attacking U.S. ships have been indicted in federal court.

The men appeared in a Virginia courtroom Friday to face a judge for allegedly attacking U.S. navy ships off the coast of Africa.

Several of the men appeared in court injured, one in a wheelchair and missing a leg, another with his head bandaged, the results of engaging in battle with the Navy.

The eleven men are part of two different groups that staged two separate attacks on U.S. naval ships last year.

Five are believed to have staged an attack on the USS Nicholas west Seychelles and the other six, the USS Ashland in waters near Djibouti.

They face charges of plunder, piracy, assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to use firearms during an act of violence and using firearms in an act of violence.

A charge of piracy carries a mandatory life sentence and the other charges total close to 50 years in jail.

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