Roger Morton and his pregnant fiancé Porsha Shields were pulled over in Mississippi earlier in the month for speeding when two white officers escalated the situation, with one drawing his weapon while another grabbed Morton by the neck. The video of the exchange has since gone viral after it was posted publicly on Facebook this […]

Gilbert Arenas continues to make news for antics other than his play on the basketball court. In late June, Agent Zero was arrested after being pulled over with a truckload of fireworks and he has now been charged with misdemeanor possession of dangerous fireworks without a permit.

Remember when Gilbert Arenas averaged 28 points and 6 assists per game? That was six years ago. Last night, Agent Zero was arrested after being busted with a truckload illegal fireworks. Seriously. 

Chief Keef might be taking his affiliation with Gucci Mane entirely to seriously when it comes to jail time. The Chicago native was arrested on a trespassing charge shortly after leaving court today in Chicago. 

Chief Keef isn’t going to jail, yet. Today (June 18), the Chicago rapper pled guilty to speeding and was hit with a fine, placed on probation and ordered to complete community service.

Maddeningly immature rapper Chief Keef is steadily preparing to graduate from juvenile delinquent to adult felon. As previously reported, the latest incident was getting chased, pulled over and arrested by authorities for speeding. This was all caught on the arresting officer’s dash cam, which has been made available to see. 

Either Chief Keef doesn’t care about the law, or the law is always after Chief Keef. Chances are both options are true, but nonetheless, the 17-year-old has been arrested –yet again.

Lil’ Flip has a pretty damn good lawyer. Back in late December, a day after Christmas, Lil Flip got caught riding dirty with a Bushmaster AR-15 and kush in his car. The “Game Over” rapper was caught speeding in Louisiana and charged with third-offense possession of mary to the jan and possession of a firearm in […]

Lil’ Flip ain’t going down without a fight. The Houston rapper plead not guilty to charges that he was caught speeding in a car while in possession of weed and an illegally owned AR-15 assault rifle. 

For those of you wondering, Where is Lil’ Flip? Right now the Houston rapper is sitting in a Louisiana jail on $35,000 bond. Yesterday morning (Dec. 26) the “Game Over” rapper who infamously beefed with T.I. was pulled over for speeding and during the subsequent search authorites found a Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle and weed […]