St. Louis

The father of slain Missouri teenager Michael Brown Jr. traveled to Geneva with family and a legal team to seek justice in his son’s killing in Ferguson. The group traveled to the United Nations and addressed a committee in hopes that some traction can be gained in the explosive case.

Officials from the St. Louis Police Department are denying claims it issued a no-fly zone over Ferguson, Mo. and its surrounding regions to freeze out media coverage. Despite damning claims and tapes obtained by press, officials say the order was for safety measures only.

Ferguson, Mo. has been under intense media scrutiny since the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael “Mike” Brown. Protesters and supporters alike were angered by a “no-flyover zone”rule that was issued, and now police have admitted it was issued to keep media out.

Since the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael “Mike” Brown on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo., the family and protesters alike have been awaiting movement on the case. On Friday, officer Darren Wilson‘s account of what occurred that day between he and Brown went public and could lead to more speculation.

On Columbus Day, protests across the St. Louis region took place in light of the recent shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson and other events. In the end, at least 50 persons were arrested including scholar Dr. Cornel West. Protests of varying degrees have been occurring since the August police shooting death of Brown, and […]

A powerful statement was made at the St. Louis Symphony on Saturday night when Mike Brown protestors interrupted the Brahms Requiem with their own rendition of the composition.

The  St. Louis County prosecutor in Missouri is looking into a possible leak by a grand juror in the case of Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot unarmed Black teen Michael “Mike” Brown. On Wednesday, a Twitter user made mention of the case which set off alarms that one of the jurors possibly spoke […]

A makeshift memorial for Mike Brown was allegedly set on fire overnight, leaving a loving tribute to the slain teen in Ferguson in ruin and citizens angered. On social media, the reaction to the unfortunate incident has sparked expected expression of outrage.

Although the situation in Ferguson has shifted slightly in tone in the weeks since the police shooting death of Michael “Big Mike” Brown, there are still disturbing reports emerging from the scene. According to unnamed sources, Ferguson cops allowed a police dog to relieve itself on a makeshift memorial for Brown before driving over it […]

The funeral of 18-year-old Michael “Mike” Brown is taking place right now as the family and supporters gathers at the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in the city of St. Louis.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson wanted to avoid another case of witness speculation over the shooting and killing of Kajieme Powell, the defiant 25-year-old who cops gunned down after they say he came at them with a knife.

Spike Lee has never been shy about sharing his opinion of how Black people are treated in America, and his latest comments prove this. While sitting with CNN host Anderson Cooper, the famed director suggests that there is a war on Black men across the nation.