Statutory Rape

Someone from Nicki Minaj’s family is finally speaking about her brother Jalani Maraj’s rape case. Her mother will discuss what the public wasn’t privy to that landed him in jail.

Authorities in North Carolina charged  six brothers with rape and sexual assault for allegedly abusing their now teenage sister. The abuse started when the 16-year-old girl was 4 years old, and continued until the age of 14, police say.

We’ve reported on a lot of crazy teachers, but the irony of this story should not go unnoticed. A teacher in San Diego, Calif., who was honored for being really good at his job, was arrested for allegedly having an affair with one of his students, police revealed Tuesday (Oct. 30)

North Carolina police arrested an assistant high school principal after they say he had sexual relations with two of his students, often on school grounds. Police say that Aaronson Franks had sexual relationships with two Central Carrabus high school students—one under the age of 16, in the past two years. Court documents allege that Franks […]