You might remember Kurt Jantz aka Forgiato Blow, the Trump-humping faux rapper who periodically drops political Hip-Hop videos on YouTube.


A Twitter user put out a meme of rappers not exactly known for their lyrical prowess, prompting some to defend Bow Wow, who was on the list.


On Twitter, the aforementioned struggle rap icons are getting ferociously slandered and the reasons should be self-explanatory.


Chet Haze has seen the error of his ways. The son of Tom Hanks is saying drug abuse led him to use Hip-Hop’s favorite racial slur.


Are you an artist working hard to perfect your craft and maybe one day get signed to a major record label. We’re sorry, because Danielle Bregoli aka the Cash Me Outside girl has signed with Atlantic Records. 

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Stitches, the struggle rapper from Florida with the awful face tattoos, caught a fade at the hand of The Game’s manager last week. Over the weekend, The Game clowned Stitches by acting out the epic neck taper while onstage over the weekend.

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Ben Carson‘s aims for the White House were once thought to be a longshot, but polls show the famed neurosurgeon has some fight in him if the polls are correct. However, someone in his campaign decided to align his message alongside the Republican Christian rapper, Aspiring Mogul.

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Justin Bieber‘s entourage continues to prove that they are devout practitioners of struggle. YMCMB rapper, and Beebs weed carrier, Lil Twist was popped for a DUI early this morning (July 11).

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Maybe LeBron James can’t do it all. Yesterday (July 9), the NBA champion dropped some audio snippets of himself rapping on his Instagram account, and the bars were struggle filled.