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Ben Carson‘s aims for the White House were once thought to be a longshot, but polls show the famed neurosurgeon has some fight in him if the polls are correct. However, someone in his campaign decided to align his message alongside the Republican Christian rapper, Aspiring Mogul.

Aspiring Mogul, who was responsible for the struggle bars we reported on earlier, isn’t new to the Carson campaign. Carson’s team discovered the Georgia-based artist back in September after Aspiring Mogul sampled some words from Carson’s audiobook, One Nation.

Gawker reports:

Back in September, Carson’s campaign spotted this weird Christian Republican Rap track that sampled their candidate’s book and vaguely agreed with his positions, and they loved it.

“A talented young artist created this. Thank you Aspiring Mogul. Republican Rap, who knew!” Carson’s official Facebook page posted.

Precisely two months later, Aspiring Mogul is rhyming for official Carson campaign materials. And it appears he’s also employed by the campaign.

In July, months after his first Carson-related song went online, Aspiring Mogul added “Engagement Manager — Ben Carson For President 2016” to his Facebook profile. (A search of Federal Election Commission filings didn’t show him on Carson’s payroll, but he could be employed by one of the consulting firms working on the campaign. The latest quarterly filing covers the period ending Sept. 30, so any direct payment for the radio spot also might not be listed yet.)

Gawker says Carson and the team have not responded to comments but fret not. Aspiring Mogul’s radio ad featuring the not-so-fire raps will air in several key markets to target Black voters on Friday.

Let’s see how well that goes.

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