Draymond Green will have to make amends for his actions on the basketball court. The NBA has suspended him and ordered him to go to counseling.

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Right now it’s looking like a question of not if but when New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez will be suspended from Major League Baseball for using performance enhancing drugs. Interestingly, during recently tumultuous times as the third baseman works back from a hip injury, A-Rod has been receiving assistance from Jay Z’s camp including Beyoncé’s lawyer.

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Ozzie Guillen, the outspoken former manager of the Chicago White Sox, once again finds himself in the media spotlight after the eccentric baseball veteran spoke somewhat favorably of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in a Time magazine interview. The Marlins suspended Guillen for five days after comments he made saying he admired the oppressive leader […]


As the Atlanta schooling system is looking to crack down on behavior and have more of a grip on conduct and what is expected within school, two students were made examples. With one being suspended and the other withdrawing, The Lovett School felt such actions necessary after the two were engaging in improper cell phone […]


In a recent act of unnecessary violence, a 17-year-old male was the victim to an assault as he was attacked by his supervisor while at McDonalds in Memphis. According to the victim, he was punched and kicked and was slammed against the counter repeatedly. Having to be rushed to the hospital with his face swollen, […]