The TR-808 drum machine help crafted many classics records, to celebrate the device's 40th anniversary, Roland decided to bless beat junkies with some freebies.


As COVID-19 continues to re-surge the world is taking action to ensure safety. One institution is saying they have created PPE that is built for multiple uses.


Although there has been recent news about TIDAL‘s troubles, it appears the streaming service is still making a push to stand firm in the crowded marketplace. The company is offering a free 12-day trial to new members without requiring a credit card.

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Pharrell Williams has just been announced as the Chief Creative Officer for music tech company, ROLI, which specializes in instruments in different mediums.

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Apple is allegedly cutting the accuracy of its much-ballyhooed Face ID feature to speed up the production of the anticipated iPhone X.

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Fitbit is teaming up with Dexcom to make life much easier for diabetics by bringing glucose monitoring to their Ionic smartwatch.


Chris Kwekowe, a computer science graduate from Lagos, Nigeria, created a tech incubator start-up aimed at helping fellow Nigerians enter the digital and general workplace. In a profile done on Kwekowe’s Slatecube business, the young entrepreneur retold a story of when he turned down a job from Microsoft and actually told the company’s founder later.

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Amber Rose has already established that she’s proud of her curves and flaunts her formidable physical assets with the best of them. Starting next month, fans of Rose will be able to play with the starlet as her image will be rendered into a playable 3D character.


Serato Pyro is the first consumer product developed and released by the minds behind DJ and musician audio software company, Serato. The iOS music app will blend music found in a user’s collection across a variety of platforms into a seamless mix.

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Lyrics annotation website Genius has partnered with music streaming service Spotify to provide listeners with a brand new experience. With the introduction of the partnership also comes a brand new product they’re calling Fact Track.


Facebook might be an old horse in the social media space, but it’s still the biggest game in town. For years, users of Facebook have grown accustomed to the “like” button function, which often has been applied awkwardly, but now a “dislike” button is on the horizon.


The wait is finally over. Apple is expected to debut a bunch of new products at a press conference in San Francisco today (Sept. 9).