A Tennessee police department is the center of scandal after a married female officer was accused of engaging in sex acts with male officers.

Mendenhall Mendenhall and one other person were shot and killed in front of a local Valero location, and a 20-year-old suspect has been arrested.

Mayor Norman, who first served in the role for the small town beginning in 1991, was just re-elected to a third term this past August.

Gary Casper, who was up until recently the vice president for information technology at Chattanooga-based Transcard, shared an offensive meme suggesting he'd watch a pay-per-view of the former president's hanging.

For the past 15 years, Cyntoia Brown has sat in Nashville’s Tennessee Prison for Women for the death of a city businessman back in 2004. Now 31, Brown is now free after her sentence was commuted, bringing her hard-fought fight for justice to an end.

A Georgia man was arrested on Tuesday (May 21) in Tennesee on an outstanding warrant theft by deception and has been tagged as a so-called serial swindler. John Martin Hill allegedly stole $80,000 from a woman he just met via the dating website Match.com.

In yet another episode of Living While Black in America, a Tennessee man had the cops called him for probably the zaniest reason to crop up in these type of events. Davon Eddington was at his Spring Hill home having a friendly basketball debate on the phone and recited Jay-Z‘s “99 Problems” hook which a […]

Taylor Swift has enjoyed massive amounts of success, doing so while not being directly open about her political affiliations. However, the singer turned the heads of her 112 million followers on Instagram by endorsing a pair of Democrats running for Congress in her home state of Tennessee and voter registration numbers have reportedly spiked.

James Shaw’s heroic efforts continue even after the recent tragedy in Tennessee. He has raised almost a quarter-million dollars for the victims.

On Sunday morning, a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennesse was attacked by a gunman armed with a rifle. James Shaw Jr. was there that morning and took a bold act of faith by wrestling and unarming him, thus saving lives. Unfortunately, there were still four victims from the gunman’s open fire but Shaw is using […]

A shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House restaurant left four people dead and another four suffering from injuries. The assault was stopped when a customer rushed the gunman, snatched away an assault rifle, which prompted the man to flee on foot with barely wearing any clothes.

Tristan Rettke, a white student at East Tennessee University, was arrested for civil rights intimidation after wearing a gorilla mask at a Black Lives Matter protest. Rettke also handed out bananas with nooses tied around them to Black protestors who peacefully gathered Wednesday afternoon.