As details from the Chattanooga reserve center shooting in Tennessee continue to develop, authorities say the event has come to a violent end. The shooting took place at a Navy Reserve center and a military recruiting center in two separate instances, and the investigation to discover why the shooter opened fired is underway.

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Fresh off a homely, family reality show, Nelly has been busted for having weed and meth. Reports CNN: The 40-year-old rapper from St. Louis, who shot to fame 15 years ago with the track “Country Grammar,” has been charged with felony possession of drugs, simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, the Tennessee […]


Julia Shields, a 45-year-old Tennessee woman, went on a shooting spree in a quiet Chattanooga neighborhood before leading police on a high speed chase. When police finally stopped Shields, they found her clad in full body armor and a baseball cap.


Drinking can make a person that much crazier, and Lonnie Hutton is a perfect example. Cops in Murfreesboro, Tenn. arrested Hunt Friday (May 16) after he tried to have sex with an ATM machine and a picnic table –but not at the same time.


Jonathon “Tig” Willard hasn’t played an official game with the Tennessee Titans, and he’s already  showing the team in a good light. Willard, a rookie linebacker who signed on as a free agent, was late to training camp this week for one very good reason: he was saving a family from a burning vehicle.


Fathering 22 children could land Orlando Shaw a reality show. The Tennessee deadbeat dad became a viral embarrassment for his undying “love” for women, which led to successfully planting seeds in more than a dozen members of the female race.


Casual dining food chain Waffle House has been a part of Hip-Hop lore for some time now. With its deep southern roots, it’s natural that rappers from the region praise the greasy spoon. One rapper, however, got into some legal hot water after his obsession with Waffle House caught the unwelcome attention of the chain’s attorneys.

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In Tennessee this week, a child support case is unfolding that would even make Maury Povich scratch his head. Orlando Shaw of Nashville has admitted to fathering 22 children with 14 women, and owes thousands of dollars in delinquent child support. Payments, Shaw says, he has no way of making.


Taylor Swift used to stalk Young Buck. Before the G-Unit rapper had fallen completely into a financial hole, followed by a nearly two-year prison sentence, and having his personal belongings auctioned off by the IRS, the country star used to ride pass his house in admiration.


Some people have (alleged) anger issues, but one Tennessee man takes first place for not being able to control his emotions. James Davis Wilson was convicted of assault Tuesday (Aug. 21), for punching a McDonald’s employee for giving him a sundae with hot fudge at the bottom, back in February of 2010. Wilson is facing up […]

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Chalk up anther L for Young Buck. The much beleaguered rapper’s possessions were put for sale by the IRS and netted a grand total of $53,000, reports News Channel 5 in Tennessee. A number of Buck’s personal possessions including jewelry, recording equipment and platinum plaques were sold; the priciest item reportedly a 615 Cashville necklace that was […]

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Ludacris took on the Bonnaroo festival this past weekend and ran through his seemingly endless set of hits in Manchester, Tennessee. Check the footage courtesy of the good folks over at Billboard.