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You may not be familiar with director Aristotle Torres, or his company By Any Means, but your favorite rappers and singers surely are. With a resume that boasts visual treatments like Nas’s “The Don” and “Bye Baby,” Ludacris’s “Jinglin'” and Fabolous‘s “You Be Killin Em,” Torres is easily one of the most sought after videographers […]

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You already know Nas. Top five dead or alive on just about everyone’s list, unless you get a kick out of being a contrarian. If you don’t know Salaam Remi, is a world renowned producer du jour whose Hip-Hop cred goes all the way back to producing Zhigge’s self-titled debut album in ’92 (even further […]

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Life is damn good for Nas right now. The Queensbridge rapper’s 10th album, Life Is Good, debuts at number one and he continued its strong promotional campaign last night with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Dressed simply, save for the jewelry in HD, in a t-shirt and jeans, the natural born lyricist performed “The […]

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In part one of his interview with The Life Files, Nas expresses the feeling of life being good and the ability to make new music being the inspiration behind the album. He felt the only way to convey this feeling to his fans was through the title.

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Life certainly is good for Queens rapper Nas. The “Hate Me Now” MC graces the cover of the June/July 2012 issue of Complex Magazine. If you’re familiar with Spike Lee joints, you’ll recognize the art direction is a homage to Do The Right Thing (also, DJs, peep the vinyl in the back!). Peep some BTS […]

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You’ve seen the video and the still shots, but now let BAM take you behind the scenes of Nas’ “The Don,” directed by Aristotle. The flyest one, June Ambrose, talks up styling the rapper on this video as well.  Not for nothing, but this behind the scenes is shot better than most people’s actual videos. 

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While Nas deals with some baby mama drama today, he still manages to finally drop the video for “The Don.” Director Aristotle takes you on a visual trip through NYC while Nas drinks fine wine, gets fitted for made to measure suits, gets chauffeured around town, and hits the the club, too. All while the […]


Photos from the set of Nas’ forthcoming video for “The Don” keep trickling out slowly but surely. From the images, the Salaam Remi produced and Heavy D co-signed track should have a visual worthy of its combustible drums and Nasir’s bars. This isn’t Escobar season but Nasty Nas season, after all. Peep all the photo […]

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UPDATE: Download link added. Get it while you can. This song will be featured on Nas’ upcoming album Life Is Good. In this song, Nas says that this beat was picked by the late Heavy D. and given to Salaam Remi for him to rap on. We were expecting Funk Flex to get his bomb […]