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You already know Nas. Top five dead or alive on just about everyone’s list, unless you get a kick out of being a contrarian. If you don’t know Salaam Remi, is a world renowned producer du jour whose Hip-Hop cred goes all the way back to producing Zhigge’s self-titled debut album in ’92 (even further if you count playing piano on Kurtis Blow’s Kingdom Blow in ’86). If not, then you certainly know his beats. There was the remix to the Fugees’ “Nappy Heads” that gave them a spark when their Blunted On Reality debut was dead in the water, or production for the late Amy Winehouse that includes half the Back To Black album. 

So when people make a fuss about where are these mythical albums Nas has in the works with DJ Premier or more recently, Jay Electronica, God’s Son has been well taken care of in the beats department lately. It’s no coincidence that the “Bye Baby” rapper’s latest, critically acclaimed work, Life Is Good, has Salaam Remi’s MPC’prints all over it. Here are are 10 of Nas and Salaam’s greatest collaborations. The beats are good.


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