Consider this an example of life imitating art gone terribly wrong. A video by a rapper called BillBoard Biggs, that used Kanye West & Jay-Z’s “The Joy” instrumental, depicted an armed robbery and a speedy getaway in a Mercedes-Benz. A few of the players in the video were part of a real life group of […]

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If you’re a true Hip-Hop fan, you can never grow tired of hearing Pete Rock talk about beats. The Chocolate Boy Wonder recently talked digging for beats, hooking up tracks  for The Throne, watching the late J Dilla produce fresh grooves and more.

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Kanye West and Jay-Z seem to have brought a little bit more “joy” to Syl Johnson after settling out of court on copyright infringement claims. Syl Johnson’s and The Numero Group’s classic song “Different Strokes,” which has been sampled over 50 times (at least) throughout music history, was illegally sampled on the Watch The Throne song, […]