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The sneak peek provided by Derrick Rose into his rehab, and psyche, is now over, for now. adidas Basketball’s “The Return of D. Rose” series comes to a close with episode six, titled “All In.”

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The NBA pre-season is in full swing and the regular season is around the corner, but Derrick Rose isn’t ready to play, yet. The latest and fifth episode of  adidas Basketball’s “The Return Of D-Rose” series still has footage of the star guard rehabbing his left knee, but focuses more on what drives him; winning an NBA championship.

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Last week, Derrick Rose and adidas debuted the new D Rose 3 collection and the point guard was so overwhelmed with emotion that he started crying. part of what sparked the former NBA MVP’s tears was watching footage of his season ending knee injury. Adidas Basketball currently has a documentary series called “The Return Of […]

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Adidas Basketball continues its behind the scenes coverage of Derrick Rose in the the latest episode of it “The Return of D Rose” documentary series. The first episode, called “Belief,” caught the Chicago Bulls point guard shortly after his season ending knee injury. Episode two, titled “Hope,” finds D Rose talking about having to watch the […]

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Even if you weren’t a Bulls fans, it had to break your heart when Derrick Rose went down with minutes to go in that playoff game. Salt was administered to the wound when word got back that D. Rose had torn his ACL; meaning making a run for the chip was out the question and […]