Since Fox is planning to create a show based on Dwyane Wade and his family, it will probably be best if they had some in appealing inspiration to draw from. Leave up to one of the NBA’s most notable father figures to meet the request and ensure the Wade name lives on the NBA hardwood.


Add television producer to Dwyane Wade’s portfolio of accomplishments. A comedy series called Three The Hard Way and based on the NBA superstars relationship with his two sons has been put into development by Fox. 

No relationship has been more disgruntled then the working relationship between Def Jam Records and members of the Wu Tang Clan. The past few releases from Method Man and Ghostface Killah have seen the rappers stating their displeasure as the label had not provided them with the necessary means to promote their releases properly. This, […]

“The kids are the ones who say what is good and what is not and that’s where they Fawk up at because they let other people subliminally put Shyte in their heads.” As reported earlier, Wacka Flocka Flame made the statement that lyrics weren’t important and even clowned lyrical rappers saying that they weren’t getting […]

With only a month away until the release of their collaborative effort, Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon are making sure that they tie up all loose ends before the actual drop of the album. Now slated for a release date on March 9, the three have decided to switch up the original blueprint and […]